Skin bleaching on the rise in Ivory Coast

December 12, 2009

Cosmetic products which bleach dark skin have found an ever-growing market on the Ivorian Market and it seems to be affecting women of every caste.  One women when asked to describe the products said they work by  ‘making the skin more beautiful and facilitates relationships.’ This video from Africanews shares more about the phenomenon.


One Response to “Skin bleaching on the rise in Ivory Coast”

  1. getmobetter Says:

    Africans have been using these products for years. It is an unfortunate truth that speaks to a damaged mentality that many have not just in Africa but around he world, from the US to the West Indies down to the South American and right back to the motherland. Black is Beautiful and Dark is lovely and if these truths could be realized across the globe… these products wouldn’t even exist… Great Post!!!

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